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Use Cases


P4 Safety Solutions TM Custom options

TThis summary outlines options for implementing into an environment not covered by one of the standard solutions, with the following assumptions:

  • Access from outside a building to inside can either be unsecured or secured, and either single-person width (standard door) or multiple person width
  • Access route can be an entrance, or an exit, or both – if both, it counts as 1 entrance plus 1 exit
  • A building may have existing CCTV
  • Individual requirements can be defined following site survey

Level of Intervention

Option 1 – basic safety

Temperature and mask detection; if single entrance/exit, then building occupancy control; if single entrance/exit. And either secured or single-person width, then fire evacuation register (note: register only – no matching of faces out and in)

Option 2 – integrated safety

As per basic safety, plus maintain social distancing without extra PPE in quarantine area via handheld scanner, and building occupancy control with multiple entrance/exit points

Option 3 – complete safety

As per integrated safety, plus tracking through to nominated internal destinations, plus internal occupancy control for nominated rooms, plus internal access control for nominated rooms

Option 4 – fire evacuation monitoring

As per complete safety, plus tracking through fire exits with alerting for anyone not registered as having left the building


Option 1
  • Bullet camera if multiple-person width and unsecured; if not, thermal FRS linked to door access control if fitted
Option 2
  • Option 1 configuration, plus:
  • Handheld scanner for each quarantine area
  • People Counting on each exit route
Option 3
  • Option 2 configuration, plus:
  • TImage camera for each room where there is tracking into
  • People-counter for each access point on each room integrated if more than one access per room)
Option 4
  • Option 3 configuration, plus:
  • FRS on each fire exit

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