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P4 Safety Solutions TM Care Homes options

This summary outlines options for implementing into Care Homes, with the following assumptions:

  • The average care home has one double-door secured main entry, 1 rear entry/exit for staff/residents, 5 fire exits, 20 rooms, 1 dining room, 1 common room
  • Cameras cannot be installed inside residents’ rooms
  • Individual requirements can be defined following site survey

Level of Intervention

Option 1 – basic safety

General entry – scan at main entry/exit point, enabling high temperature to be detected while ensuring mask usage, maintaining social distancing and tracking building occupancy level, with facial recognition

Option 2 – Safe identification

As per basic safety, plus touch-free numeric keypad entry of door access code (entry and exit), plus target room or staff ID, with accumulated learning ability to associate facial recognition with room number for additional authorisation – further option of integration with existing facial recognition data

Option 3 – Attendance monitoring

As per safe identification, plus tracking through to intended rooms, with alerting for any missing

Option 4 – Fire evacuation monitoring

As per attendance monitoring, plus tracking through fire exits with alerting for anyone not registered as having left the building


Option 1
  • Thermal FRS linked to internal door main entrance access control, 2 mass-control image camera pair (People Counters)(main entrance, rear entrance)
Option 2
  • Option 1 configuration, plus:
  • Touch-free numeric keypad with function keys linked to external main entrance access control (entry)
  • Touch-free numeric keypad with function keys linked to main entrance FRS (entry)
  • 2 Touch-free numeric keypads with function keys linked to internal and external main entrance access control (exit)
Option 3
  • Option 2 configuration, plus:
  • 22 mass-control image camera pair (Dome camera to match image)(outside residents’ rooms, entry to dining and common rooms)
Option 4
  • Option 3 configuration, plus:
  • 6 FRS rear entry/exit plus fire exits(People Counters)

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